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Save the Date
OSSD 2014, April 24-26 Minneapolis MN.,  in the heart of the mid-west, is a hub for science and technology and hosts a vibrant nightlife, a world class orchestra, art museums, theater, sports teams (baseball will be in season, go TWINS!) and, of course, the Mall of America. 

The 2014 OSSD meeting will take place at The Commons Hotel, a newly renovated hotel located on the University of Minnesota campus.  It is within easy access to restaurants and activities by free shuttle.  The Minneapolis-St. Paul airport (MSP) is an international airport with direct flights to and from major cities around the country and Europe. 
Robert Meisel, in collaboration with Sharon Allen and Marilyn Carroll of the University of Minnesota and Virginia Miller of Mayo Clinic, will be your local hosts. 
Gillian Einstein from the University of Toronto will be the Program Chair. The program will consist of trainee workshops and how-to sessions, and world-renowned keynote and capstone speakers. It will also feature the Specialized Centers for Research on Sex Differences as well as Young Investigator presentations.  This meeting is a must-attend for investigators in sex-differences research!

Submit your proposal for a symposium using this template to Gillian Einstein ( by June 28th, 2013.



Highlights from the OSSD 2013 Annual Meeting 2013 in Weehawken, NJ was a resounding success.  This was the first year that the meeting was organized solely by the membership of the OSSD.  We were very happy to see around 200 participants attend the 12 symposia, 3 special lectures, and 2 poster sessions.  We are especially grateful to our fantastic Program Chair, Kevin Beck, who together with a terrific team of symposia chairs put together a stellar slate of presenters. Inspired by the meeting, several presenter and attendees joined OSSD on the spot.
Trainees continue to serve a central role in the OSSD Annual Meeting program.  This year, trainee awards were presented in three different categories: Elizabeth Young New Investigator Symposia Presentations, Travel Awards, and the Florence Haseltine Poster Awards. 

Presenters in the New Investigator Symposium
were Sienmi Du, Di K Nguyen, Amutha Selvamani, Marianne Seney, and Michael Lombardo. 

Travel Awardees
were Tuck Ngun, Nicole Nowak-Saenz, Tychele Turner, Jill Weathington, Shayna Williams-Burris, and Lauren Wright.  Florence Haseltine Poster Awards and honorable mentioning went to graduate students Bharti Manwani (winner) and Sienmi Du and to postdocs Laure Case (winner) and Amutha Selvamani. 

We are especially grateful to Florence Haseltine for her continued and enthusiastic support of our trainees.



OSSD Council Nominations Organization for the Study of Sex Differences (OSSD) is seeking nominations for four Councilor positions and one Young Investigator Councilor. 

These individuals serve on the OSSD Council and provide important feedback and input to the OSSD Executive Board, the President, the President-Elect, Past President, Secretary and Treasurer regarding the development of scientific and educational programs for the members of the OSSD.  Significant policy decisions of the OSSD are made by vote of Council.  Councilors are expected to attend the annual meeting, which includes a Board Meeting, and to participate in discussions with the leadership throughout the year as appropriate.

The term for Councilor is 3 years, and the term for Young Investigator Councilor is 2 years. The Young Investigator Councilor should be a student or trainee member.  This is a great opportunity to get involved in a fast-growing organization!

Interested individuals should send a short biosketch and contact information to Peg McCarthy at by July 12th, 2013.


 Recently published in the 'BSD'


Sex differences in stress-related receptors: "micro" differences with "macro" implications for mood and anxiety disorders

Debra A Bangasser Biology of Sex Differences 2013, 4:2 (21 January 2013)

Abstract | Full text | PDF | PubMed



Sex-specific risk of cardiovascular disease and cognitive decline: pregnancy and menopause

Virginia M Miller, Vesna D Garovic, Kejal Kantarci, Jill N Barnes, Muthuvel Jayachandran, Michelle M Mielke, Michael J Joyner, Lynne T Shuster, Walter A Rocca Biology of Sex Differences 2013, 4:6 (28 March 2013)

Abstract | Full Text | PDF | ePUB | PubMed


Consider submitting your next manuscript to the Biology of Sex Differences.


  • Geoffrey Beene NeuroDiscovery Challenge. In collaboration with the Society for Women's Health Research (SWHR), Meryl Comer, of the Geoffrey Beene Foundation Alzheimer's Initiative launched the 2013 Geoffrey Beene Global NeuroDiscovery Challenge, entitled "MIND THE DATA:  Search for Gender Based Differences in Alzheimer's Disease" at the 2013 SWHR Gala in support of WomenAgainstAlzheimer's.  The Challenge aims to identify male/female differences in the pathogenesis and presentation of Alzheimer's disease in the pre-symptomatic, early symptomatic and late stages of AD. Submit your proposal by August 31, 2013 for a chance to win the Challenge. For details and to submit your entry, visit the Challenge website
  • Join the OSSD.  OSSD is an independent non-profit organization that fosters unique interdisciplinary opportunities for investigators interested in sex-based biology.  There is no other scientific organization that provides basic and clinical scientists, clinicians, and epidemiologists with a comparable opportunity to share research related to sex differences across disciplines.  If you haven't done so already, experience this for yourself by becoming an OSSD member and attending the upcoming annual meeting.




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